kwɪf n. thick lock of hair that is brushed upward away from the forehead (British); sexually promiscuous woman (Slang)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • quiff — curl or lock of hair over the forehead, 1890, originally a style among soldiers, of unknown origin. Perhaps connected with quiff a puff or whiff of tobacco smoke (1831, originally Southern U.S.), held to be a variant of whiff (q.v.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • quiff — [kwıf] n BrE a part of a man s hair style where the hair stands up at the front above his forehead …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • quiff — [ kwıf ] noun count BRITISH the front part of a man s hair shaped so that it is higher than the rest …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • quiff — ► NOUN chiefly Brit. ▪ a tuft of hair, brushed upwards and backwards from a man s forehead. ORIGIN of unknown origin …   English terms dictionary

  • quiff — ☆ quiff quiff1 [kwif] n. [< ?] [Chiefly Brit.] a lock or tuft of hair; esp., a forelock quiff2 [kwif] n. [orig. Brit navy slang < ? ] [Vulgar Slang] a sexually promiscuous woman …   English World dictionary

  • Quiff — The quiff is a hairstyle that combines the 1950s pompadour hairstyle, the 50s flattop, and sometimes a mohawk. The etymology of the word is uncertain but may derive from the French word coiffe which can mean either a hairstyle or, going further… …   Wikipedia

  • quiff — n 1. British a pompadour hairstyle, kiss curl or backcombed fringe. The quiff was fashionable with teddy boys and rockers among others. 2. British a male homosexual or effemi nate male. The usage is probably influ enced by the words queer and… …   Contemporary slang

  • quiff — [[t]kwɪ̱f[/t]] quiffs N COUNT If a man has a quiff, his hair has been combed upwards and backwards from his forehead. [mainly BRIT] I attempted a classic rock and roll quiff …   English dictionary

  • quiff — UK [kwɪf] / US noun [countable] Word forms quiff : singular quiff plural quiffs British the front part of a man s hair shaped so that it is higher than the rest …   English dictionary

  • quiff — quiff1 /kwif/, n., pl. quiff, quiffs. Slang. a woman, esp. one who is promiscuous. [1920 25; orig. uncert.] quiff2 /kwif/, n. Brit. a lock or curl of hair brought forward over the forehead. [1885 90; orig. uncert.] * * * …   Universalium

  • quiff — noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: circa 1890 British a prominent forelock …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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